by Giulia Nembrini

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At first glance, Fahima, Antoinette, Lina, Rania, Kinda are just Arabic names to us, mere symbols of a nation that is slowly fading away. In fact, those are the names of normal women from Aleppo who are facing unimaginable struggles daily,to provide for their families’ basic needs, feckless people in the larger game played by the major powers involved in the conflict. These are their stories and their everyday lives

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Epos converses with Mahboba Jamshidi

by Emanuela Del Re (EPOS)
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Mahboba Jamshidi is the Head of the Department of Women Affairs (DoWa) of Herat. In the following exclusive interview for EPOS, she discusses the current situation of Afghan women, and she stresses the importance of education programmes and trainings in order to make the society confident with the gender issue. She focuses on the challenges that the Afghan women are facing and have to face in the coming future, and she points out the role of women at the table of negotiation. Mahboba Jamshidi also talks about her private life as a woman, a wife and a mother, and she expresses her wishes for her family, for women and for Afghanistan

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Epos converses with Ammara Farooq Malik

by Nicolamaria Coppola (EPOS)
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Mrs. Ammara Malik is a Pakistani High Court Lawyer and an MA in Political Science. She has been involved in peacekeeping and peacebuilding issues since long time, and she is currently heading the SEPLAA Foundation as the Founder & CEO. In this exclusive interview for EPOS she discusses Pakistan's current situation, talking about sensitive topics such as the issue of the minorities and the condition of the Christian community in the country, the role of women in Pakistan, the status quo of the Pakistani Civil Society and the challenges that the population and all the institutions are asked to face

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