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by Giovanbattista Varricchio (EPOS)

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Prime Minister Theresa May have already made it clear, many months ago, that United Kingdom is going for a hard Brexit. Among many other issues that this event is going to boost or create, one of the most challenging is the future management of the unique land border between the European Union and the Great Britain, that is situated on the Irish island. What is going to happen in Northern Ireland? How will Belfast react to and manage Brexit?  In the following exclusive article for EPOS, Giovanbattista Varricchio takes stock of the situation, focusing on post-Brexit possible scenarios

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Brexit: failure or opportunity?

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 06:45
by Eleonora Lamio (EPOS)

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Brexit has been the most debated issue of the last months in Europe, because it represents a turning point not only in the history of the United Kingdom but especially in the that of the European Union. It is the first time, since the birth of the European Community, that a Member States decides to leave the EU. It has been a shock for the European Union, which normally rejects demands of admission but has never drafted a Withdrawing Agreement. Is Brexit a failure or an opportunity for all the actors involved, for United Kingdom and the European Union? What will be the future of the "European Dream" and of the Union Jack? In the following exclusive article for EPOS, Eleonora Lamio tries to answer these and other questions, pointing out and elucidating all the factors from a political, economic, social and cultural point of view 

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