Profile of the potential terrorist

Monday, 28 August 2017 20:37
by Emanuela C. Del Re (EPOS)

EPOS Insights

How can terrorists be identified before they perpetrate destructive attacks? From the United States to the European Union, the question is being asked; how the techniques for the filing and analysis of  preventive  and anti-terrorist strategy information can be streamlined. In the meantime, the terrorist escapes control. The panorama is, in fact, so vast and many-sided that it is difficult to understand and know it in its complexity. However, to intervene with the “preventive” aim, as the American anti-terrorist philosophy maintains, raises many questions in Europe. There is a need to reflect upon the errors already committed, improve the methodologies of the utilization of the data and, above all, know better the potential terrorist, before he actually becomes one, when he is still “our” very normal next-door neighbour

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