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EU enlargement: Moscow-Belgrade relations

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 09:13

by Franz Gustincich (EPOS)

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Michael Davenport, Head of EU delegation in Serbia, talks about the delicate issue of the relations between Moscow and Belgrade in the perspective of Serbia's EU membership

From EPOS correspondent in Belgrade Franz Gustincich

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Yazidis are facing a new attempt of genocide, the 74rd in their long history, due to absurd prejudices based on a wrong and negative interpretation of their religion.                                                               EPOS presents an exclusive photostory by Franz Gustincich, photojournalist working for EPOS with Emanuela C. Del Re, expert in Kurdistan issues and minorities. These pictures depict the Yazidi community in the core moment of their community life, that is the celebration of the "Feast of the Assembly", the greatest festival of the year for them, in Lalish temple.

EPOS aims at restoring the respect for the Yazidis as human beings, who must be allowed freedom in their beliefs and lifestyle.

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From Lenin to Bin Laden

Friday, 24 April 2009 23:20
by Franz Gustincich (EPOS)
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How can a terrorist operation like that of the 11th of September, be financed? Which are the channels used by Bin Laden’s ‘multinational’ of terror to subsidize the peripheral offices (the cells), which guarantee the supply of (arms, explosives, counterfeited documents) and maintain the high level of specialization of its members (terrorist training)? The answers furnished in this article might hold some surprises.

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