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by Nicolamaria Coppola

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Next July, Croatia is becoming the 28th member of the European Union. Croatia's EU accession will have several consequences, not only on the Croatian society and the EU itself, but also on the rest of the Balkan region, and in particular on the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina where the Bosnian Croats and the Croatian-Muslim community will be divided once again

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Good News for the Balkans

Saturday, 15 January 2011 23:54
by Emanuela Claudia Del Re (EPOS)
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Good News for the Balkans. Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia have joined the EU free visa regime at the end of 2009. A fact that shows that these countries are “mature” enough for the EU, that is that they are able to meet the over 50 criteria required, including the reforms in security that render the visa superfluous. Nevertheless, the situation in the Balkans remains very complex. Croatia is burdened by the issue of the territorial waters, a dispute with Slovenia.
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