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Monday, 24 April 2017 08:33

by Valeria Aghilarre (EPOS)

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In the following exclusive article for EPOS Valeria Aghilarre, Political Sciences student at Carlo Guidi LUISS University and our new intern, discusses the humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is living, pointing out the daily-life difficulties for the population, such ad the lack of medicines and services, and focusing on the debatable policies of President Nicolas Maduro, who is considered the main responsible for the crisis

Monday, 22 August 2016 08:22

by Franz Gustincich (EPOS)

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Rush! This is what the Kosovans, both Albanian and Serbian, are asking the European Union. As most of the Balkan countries have already obtained concession from the EU, especially regarding the issue of Visa, Kosova is currently claiming to move freerly in the European Union, deleting the EU Visa Policy as already happened for Serbia. After "Brexit", the strongest supporters of the European Union are in the Balkans, and mainly in Kosovo. But all the problems of democracy, economy, law, justice, human rights, etc. should be solved after the association. In the following exclusive interviews for EPOS, the words of the Kosovan Minister of EU integration, Bekim Çollaku, and of Father Andrej, Vice-Dean of the Orthodox seminary in Prizren

From EPOS correspondent in Kosovo Franz Gustincich

Friday, 15 April 2016 08:55

by Nicolamaria Coppola (EPOS)

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According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Syria's 5-years war has killed more than 250,000 people, with half of the population estimated to have fled its hometown. Refugees have been flowing across the neighbouring countries' boundaries, and those dangerous crossings are the subject of "Border", an Italian movie about Syria's Civil War which was diplayed at the 2016 Italian Film Festival in Scotland. "Border" has given voice and visibility to a tragedy which is still ongoing but always forgotten, and this is the strong point and the added value of this Italian film directed by Alessio Cremonini

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 09:13

by Franz Gustincich (EPOS)

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Michael Davenport, Head of EU delegation in Serbia, talks about the delicate issue of the relations between Moscow and Belgrade in the perspective of Serbia's EU membership

From EPOS correspondent in Belgrade Franz Gustincich

Sunday, 15 March 2015 13:19

by Azad Isa (EPOS)

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Azad Isa is a young Syrian-Kurdish man from Rojava region. He is 20, and he escaped from Syria with his family when the Syrian Revolution began four years ago. He finished his high school in KRG, and he used to live in Domiz Camp before moving to Turkey, where he is living now. He is not studying at the moment - he is working to help his family - but he would like to go to the university to become a journalist. Azad Isa took part in EPOS MyFuture project in Domiz Camp, and he was one of the most enthusiastic and responsive students, full of energy and interests. In the following article, the first of his careear as EPOS correspondent from Turkey, he narrates the Syrian Revolution from the gound, and the perspective that comes out is that of a young Syrian man who was forced to run away and leave his homeland

Thursday, 02 October 2014 06:16

by Marya Rozanova

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Marya Rozanova is an expert in migration and integration policies. Since 2007 she heads St. Petersburg non-governmental organization STRATEGIA- Center for Civil, Social, Scientific and Cultural Initiatives. She took part as panelist in the discussion panel entitled "Immigration Policy of the EU– Experiences from Eastern and Southern Boarders" organized by EPOS at the XXIV World Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland. The following article is an abstract of her presentation, that was devoted to the EU immigration policy, focusing in particular on integration policies and practicies

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