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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 07:15

EPOS MyFuture


MY FUTURE is a project that aims at contributing to rebuild the civil society of war torn communities by providing training courses to the refugees. The courses are carried out in Refugee Camps, and are finalized not only to capacity building but also to the dissemination of principles, notions and practices which are at the basis of civil society, for peaceful coexistence, reconciliation, conflict prevention and resolution. Great value and importance is given also to the development of self-awareness of the refugees as citizens of their country and of the world. This is why the project focuses on the formation of each individual. The basic concept of MY FUTURE is synthesized by the motto:

We do not tell you what to think, we help you think the way you want



MY FUTURE is an exclusive idea of Emanuela C. Del Re for EPOS ©Copyright

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