Democratic crisis in Ecuador

Thursday, 04 May 2017 07:04
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by Valeria Aghilarre (EPOS)
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The European Center of Transitional Justice has clearly stated that Ecuador, after the last presidential election, has been damaged by a democratic crisis.  The objection became more tough on 2th April night, when the result of the run-off ensured the victory of Lenìn Moreno, a politician coming from the Socialist Party “Alianza Pais”.

The other candidate at the election was Guillermo Lasso, a member of the party “CAMBIO”, who declared that his defeat  was caused by an election rigging and asked the National Electoral Committee (CNE) to reopen ballot boxes and recount votes but on 4th April 2017, the President of the CNE confirmed the election of Moreno as the new president of Ecuador.  Lasso continued to denounce the electoral result as a fraud and state on Twitter “Esl pueblo dice "nosotros votamos por el CAMBIO" y no reconocemos un gobierno que quiere posesionarse en base al fraude” (People say “We vote for the CAMBIO” and we do not recognize a govern that obtained his position thanks to fraud).

On the other hand, the elected President, Moreno has not twitted anything to rebut Lasso’s claim and continue to promote his agenda. The new President,during his campaign, had the support of the ex- president Rafael Correa who held the office from 2007 to 2017 and expressed his will to continue the “Citizens’ Revolution”. This policy adopted by Correa after 2007 has produced a change and an improvement in the country as the building of hospitals, schools, modern streets. However, as the Human Rights Watch has reported, Correa’s administration "expanded state control over media and civil society and abused his power to harass, intimidate and punish critics".

The politics expert Franklin Ramirez believe that Moreno message "is not so clear" and creates "confusion and uncertainty" also because his victory is still contested and criticized by the opposition. Nevertheless, Moreno does not seem to be interested in what the opposition claimed. Indeed, on Twitter he used and is using a lot of words to explain how and what he will do to improve and relaunch the country: "El reto más grandees el desarrollo de nuestras fuerzas productivas. Vamos a dinamizar la economía con turismo, construcción y agroindustria" (The greatest challenge is the development of our productive forces. Let's boost the economy with tourism, construction and agribusiness).

We only could hope that Moreno will not follow the policies of his predecessor and that he will respect the fundamental rights of the citizens and the freedom of press, and that he will not use the army against his people to ban the opposition as Correa did.


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect EPOS WorldView’s

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