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25th Economic Forum - Krynica, Poland - September 2015

Tuesday, 08 September 2015 15:51
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From the 8th to the 10th of September 2015, for the eighth consecutive year, EPOS was in Poland as institutional partner of the Economic Forum in Krynica. Organized regularly since 1991, the Economic Forum is a recognized event in Central and Eastern Europe: its mission is "to foster favourable climate for development of political and economic cooperation between the European Union and neighbouring States". Each year the Forum is visited by more than 2500 guests – political, economic and social leaders – and 500 journalists from nearly 60 countries of Europe, Asia and America. It is the biggest event of this type in Central and Eastern Europe.

In occasion of the 25th Economic Forum, EPOS organized an exclusive discussion-panel entitled Twilight or Renaissance of Nation-State?

CONCEPT NOTE: The traditional concept of nation-state is over! Nowadays, it seems that the Nation has become independent from the State and vice versa. The question of the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan, Scotland or Catalonia are just some of the current topics which make us reflect on the actuality of the concept of the nation state. Does the state understood as an entity based on common culture and an ethnically homogeneous group have a future? Should the concepts of state and nation operate independently of each other? What is the role for nation-states in 2015?

Emanuela C. Del Re, Chair of EPOS, moderated the discussion.

The panelists were prominent representatives of Europe and the Middle East:

- Mariusz Blaszczak, Chairman, Parliamentary Club PiS, Poland

- Gennadiy Druzenko, Government Commissioner for Ethno-National Policy, Ukraine

- Richard Horcsik, Chairman of the Committee on European Affairs, Hungary

- Uriel Bertran, Secretary General, Catalan Solidarity for the Independence, Spain

- Ziyad Raoof, Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Poland, Kurdistan Region

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