MY FUTURE: EPOS rebuilds the civil society by training refugees from Syria and other war torn societies

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 07:15 Written by  EPOS
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EPOS MyFuture


MY FUTURE is a project that aims at contributing to rebuild the civil society of war torn communities by providing training courses to the refugees. The courses are carried out in Refugee Camps, and are finalized not only to capacity building but also to the dissemination of principles, notions and practices which are at the basis of civil society, for peaceful coexistence, reconciliation, conflict prevention and resolution. Great value and importance is given also to the development of self-awareness of the refugees as citizens of their country and of the world. This is why the project focuses on the formation of each individual. The basic concept of MY FUTURE is synthesized by the motto:

We do not tell you what to think, we help you think the way you want



MY FUTURE is an exclusive idea of Emanuela C. Del Re for EPOS ©Copyright



EPOS MyFuture


We do not tell you what to think,

we help you to think in your own way



MY FUTURE is a project that aims at assisting the refugees providing particular educational activities for young people between 18 and 35 years old in the refugee camps.

The outcomes of MY FUTURE activities are not only capacity building but also the development of self-awareness of the refugees as citizens of their country and of the world, and renewed trust in their future. MY FUTURE has a double value as it is beneficial both for the refugees and for the hosting society in order to facilitate the dialogue on an equal basis between the two communities, and to promote mutual understanding, inclusion and integration. The hosting community is involved by including local university professors ad hoc formed by EPOS in the implementation of the project.

The activities for the refugees are based on a long-term perspective because one of the most significant outcomes of the project is also the dissemination of the acquired competences by the beneficiaries themselves, by which the refugees become "formed social agents", able to take initiatives and diffuse the acquired knowledge, and to implement their competences.

MY FUTURE project  intends to engage the refugees in a training that is able to provide them with a renewed trust in themeselves and the world and in the future, that can easily be transmitted to their compatriots. The educational activities also provide them with the necessary knowledge to make them able to re-shape the role of civil society in a new given context and provides opportunities for their future as civil society representatives. It is also aimed at and helps to overcome discrimination and issues related to gender, ethnicity, age, disability, religion, political views, economic or educational differences within their own community. The project has a significant role in building social cohesion and in increasing and developing community involvement.


MY FUTURE is addressed to refugees aged between 18 and 35, and it includes all on equal basis. EPOS also selects, amongst the refugees, some Tutors who are specifically trained to become high qualified professionals, improving their organisational skills and capacities as interpreters from their language into English and vice versa and other.

The project also provides trainings in Education in Emergency for Professors of the universities of the hosting country and functionaries of the public administration. At the end of the training, both the professors and the public functionaries work as interns in the refugee-camps togheter with EPOS staff delivering lectures and participating in all the activities related to the course.

All the Refugees who attend the course receive a certificate of "Attendance"; the tutors a certificate of "Interpreting and Tutoring"; the professors a certificate of "Attendance and Lecturing". All the certificates are recognized by many institutions including the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which funds the projects.

Since 2012 EPOS project MY FUTURE has been implemented in Iraqi-Kurdistan with remarkable results:

  • 5000 Syrian Refugees have taken part in MY FUTURE courses in 5 camps in Iraqi-Kurdistan
  • 80 Syrian Refugees have been trained as Tutors and interpreters
  • 100 University Professors from the Universities of Iraqi-Kurdistan have apprehended MY FUTURE methodology and have worked with EPOS in the Refugees Camps in KRG
  • 50 members of KRG Public Administration have been trained in MY FUTURE methodology
  • more than 3000 people (refugees, professors, tutors and others) are registered in MY FUTURE exclusive e-learning platform, where they can benefit from a series of lectures on many topics, a library, a forum and other, in English and Arabic.



MY FUTURE applies a number of different methodologies designed to involve the trainers and trainees at different levels allowing them to experience a global approach to the issues they are learning. The courses are based on intense interaction, favouring the free expression of the trainers/trainees as much as possible, through focus groups, simulations, workshops and other activities. Every individual is important and is helped to express her/his opinions.

The activities offer a wide spectrum of topics: human rights and specific rights, gender issues, concept of State of Law, Power, citizenship, intercultural communication, tolerance, negotiation, coexistence, concept of individual responsibility, role of the media, gender issues, rights of the refugees, globalization and much more.

The courses have a multi-lingual approach, with the use of English (which is the official language of the project), the language of the refugees and of the hosting country.


An e-learning platform has been specifically created and designed to allow trainers and trainees to engage in a constant intra and inter-dialogue, to exchange information and ideas, to download and upload material and other. The platform is equipped with tutorials, lessons, activities and texts specially designed for the course, videos and other. A "donation campaign" for an online library has been launched at global level.

The platform is unique and it is an EPOS product, and constitutes a precious patrimony for the Refugee students because they can have permanent access to non-ideological material and also can be part of an international network. The same for the hosting country local trainers. The e-learning platform is crucial also to create more access to the internet not only reducing the digital divide, but also to acquire digital literacy skills.


The project has inspired, inspires and welcomes new initiatives, such as the creation of libraries in the refugee-camps, new courses and more.






























































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