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EPOS is an independent non-profit agency operating in the field of conflict resolution and prevention. It is working for the Syrian Refugees and others with MY FUTURE Project. EPOS in all its activities on field and in its strong theoretical reflections, analyses and explores new ways of conceiving negotiation in practice and methodology, aiming at the definition of true innovative strategies in the framework of conflict prevention

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 11:45
by Giovanbattista Varricchio (EPOS)

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NATO is one of the most impressive and successful attempt to create a collective defense organisation and, during its long history, it has shifted its visions, strategies and duties on the basis of the various kind of threats it was facing. A new question is raising nowadays: who is going to pay for NATO? In a summit at Newport, in Wales, NATO members were asked to reach the 2% of their national GDP in defense spending in ten years. Just 5 countries out of 28 are complying with this decision: United States, United Kingdom, Estonia, Poland and Greece. Donald Trump is demanding for more spending from NATO’s allies. What is going to happen if NATO’s burden will not be shared equally among all the members of the North Atlantic Alliance?

Saturday, 10 June 2017 05:19
by Melania Malomo (EPOS)

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In the following exclusive piece for EPOS, Melania Malomo traces a detailed picture of the what is happening in the Gulf, pointing out the reasons at the basis of the diplomatic crisis in Qatar and elucidating the most relevant (political) acts that took place in the aftermath of the cut of ties with Doha

Thursday, 08 June 2017 08:32
by Nicolamaria Coppola (EPOS)

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Terrorism is questioning the political and social stability of our countries. It is posing a number of a challenges to democracy. From London to Tehran, the main aim of the terrorists is to destabilise and weaken the State. The crucial issue to be addressed is the identification of those who are behind the terrorists. Saudi Arabia  is accusing Qatar of promoting, supporting and financing jihadism, and Riyad has severed diplomatic ties with Doha. Tension is high in the Gulf region and the winds of war are blowing

Monday, 05 June 2017 16:24

by Eleonora Lamio (EPOS)

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The following exclusive article is a collection of feelings, perspectives, ideas, opinions on what it means being a young European in 2017. Eleonora Lamio has interviewed for EPOS young women and young men, discussing with them the opportunities that the European Union is providing for all of us and analysing the challenges that we are asked to face in the near future to move forward into the process of the European integration

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 07:59

by Valeria Aghilarre (EPOS)

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The heavy political climate and the economic crisis that led to more than 14 million unemployed people are only a part of the problems that Brazil have been living for the last few years and that began with the illusion of a general improvement of the economic, social and political conditions due to an apprently "wise" ruling. In the following exclusive piece for EPOS, Valeria Aghilarre analyses the reasons that have caused a political earthquake in Brazil, pointing out the responsibilities, the effects of the crisis and the challenges

Monday, 29 May 2017 09:43
by Melania Malomo (EPOS)

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Wafa Idris has been the first Palestinian woman to suicide in a terrorist attack in Israel. Historically, the extremist religious groups have always preferred not to train women for suicide attacks but when in Israel the security measures were reinforced, it became more difficult for men to carry out terrorist attacks and women, who had always been less monitored than men, started to be trained as kamikaze. In the following exclusive article for EPOS, Melania Malomo analyses the reason(s) that push a woman to become a suicide bomber and she portrays a clear and thorough picture of the so-called “female terrorism”

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