With an high school  background on humanities, V.ADM(r) Mario Rino Me, just retired from active duty, graduated from Naval Academy in 1971. At the onset, he grew up as a weapons officer, with subsequent  senior specialization in artillery and missile fire control systems. As junior officer, he discharged the traditional tasks of surface warfare (gunnery, missile and combat system) on board a variety of escort and command ships (from guided missile destroyers, fregates to cruisers). At senior officer level, he had some staff specialization-related positions at the Navy’s Department, and, in particular, challenging responsibilities of concept development and experimentation of a  new generation of area and close-in defense systems.

In 1989 he was appointed as head of new naval construction bureau. Under his responsibility important programmes were launched, such as the new Horizon class Destroyers in cooperation with France and the UK, the new capital ship, fleet support &replenisher and LPD-training ship.

Selected as Italian representative, he attended in 1995-96 the National Defense University (NDU) Washington DC, Industrial College of Armed Forces. Coopted as head of cabinet to the chief of naval personnel, he moved in 1998 to the Defense sector as assistant to the chief of staff.

 In 99 he was hand-picked to  the role of  head of Cabinet to the chairman of NATO’s Military Committee. He discharged this important task until august 2002, in challenging times for the Alliance, involved both in military operations, cooperation and enlargement programmes, while undertaking a transformation process to cope with the evolving strategic environment. 

Back to the Italian Defense, he was appointed as deputy plans and policy Director, with particular focus on multilateral issues. Cofounder in 2004 of the “5+5 Defense Initiative, representative of Italy’s Ministry of Defense in numerous high level fora (ranging from cooperation to strategic planning), he discharged in 2007 the chairmanship of the 5+5 Defense Steering Committee. During his tenure, in just an unprecedented spell of 3 years, the Initiative stepped in the practical dimension, in the maritime and air domains. 

Holds a Phd degree in maritime science (university of Pisa), a degree in Science of International Relations (summa cum laude, university of Trieste), a master degree in Strategy of National Resources (NDU  Washington DC). He holds also a diploma from Institut des Hautes Etudes de Defense Nationale (IHEDN, Paris), and from Africa Center for Strategic Studies (Washington DC) .

As a result of his foreign education he speaks and writes fluently in english and french

VADM (r) Mario Rino Me professional career include three tours of command:

·        ocean minesweeper Storione in 1979-1980,  in the rank of lieutenant, tasked chiefly with fishing protection duties,

·        guided missile fregate Sagittario, in the rank of commander,  in 1988-1989, during which he was deployed in the Gulf , with freedom of navigation and merchant vessels  escort &protection duties during the Iran-Iraq war,

·        guided missile cruiser Vittorio Veneto, in 1993-1995, with, among others,  maritime command duties in the Adriatic, during the International Community intervention in the former  Yugoslavia break-up wars.