Born in Rome (1928), Studies in  Law in Rome and Heidelberg and in International Law in The Hague.

In 1952 he enters into the Italian Foreign Service and he is assigned in the following years  to the United States, to Turkey, Bulgaria, Venezuela and Poland. Then he is  in charge of the East European Desk and of the Helsinki negotiations in the framework of the CSCE. After further tasks in high positions at  the Foreign Ministry he is  appointed Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany (1980-1987).

In 1987 he resigns from the Foreign Service and he is  appointed Member of the Council of State (the highest court taking care of  legal controversies  between the citizens and the State) and this until 2000.

Meanwhile he is teaching in Italian Universities since 1976 until now: among them Naples, Roma, Trieste, Aosta  mainly in charge of the chairs on International Relations or Strategic Studies. He teaches  also in German Universities between 1990 and 1994.

In 1996 he is s appointed  for a short term as Undersecretary of State for European Affairs.

Member of many institutions: 1988-2007, president of the German-Italian Cultural Center, “Villa Vigoni”, Menaggio (Como, Italy); since 1996  president of the “Centro Italiano di Studi per la Conciliazione Internazionale” Rome and “Accademia di studi italo-tedeschi”, Merano; member of the Board of many institutions and associations (among them: “International Strategic Studies”, London)

He is the author of several  books (on Italian Foreign Policy, on Venezuela, on Germany) and of more than 300 essays on topics related to International RelationsPublications: books on Venezuela, on the Italian Foreign Ministry, on the CSCE and on Germany; as editor of “Manual della politica estera italiana [Handbook on Italian Foreign Policy] 1947-1993” Bari, 1996-98 and of “Annuario della politica estera italiana [Yearbokk of  Italian Foreign Policyi]1996, Napoli 1999 and in German of a book on Italy; more than 400 essays and articles (in Italian and German, occasionally in English and French) concerning International Relations and History, particularly on European and security affairs, Eastern Europe, Germany.. Italian Foreign Policy.